Living (barely) on a minimum wage

Read Peter Van Buren here. It includes:

…having worked at the State Department for 24 years, I had been booted out for being a whistleblower. I wasn’t sure what would happen to me next and so took a series of minimum wage jobs. Finding myself plunged into the low-wage economy was a sobering, even frightening, experience that made me realize just how ignorant I had been about the lives of the people who rang me up at stores or served me food in restaurants. Though millions of adults work for minimum wage, until I did it myself I knew nothing about what that involved, which meant I knew next to nothing about twenty-first-century America.


4 responses to “Living (barely) on a minimum wage

  1. And things just keep getting worse.
    Capitalism…what a concept.

    • I don’t have a cogent argument about your last statement. Oddly, I thought whistleblowers were a protected group.

      • They are, to a certain extent. Van Buren left government service voluntarily with full pension and benefits…after several months of legal battles and… “being placed on administrative leave without cause cited, being physically banned from the State Department building, being placed on a security watch list, losing access to his State Department computer, and being reassigned to a makeshift telework position. The State Department also actively monitored Van Buren’s blogs, Tweets and Facebook updates posted during his private time on his personal home computer.” Wiki

        Things could have been much worse for Van Buren. Ask John Kiriakou. Or Jesselyn Radack. Or Tom Drake. Counterpunch

        As for the whistleblowers, their suffering serves as a warning to all potential apostates. Edward Snowden remains in Moscow. Julian Assange is still holed up in the Ecuadoran embassy in London. Chelsea Manning is in prison, serving a 35-year sentence. Jeremy Hammond, Jeffrey Sterling, and Barrett Brown all face years of jail time. Indeed, under Obama, whistleblowers face a total of 751 months behind bars — compared to 24 months for all other whistleblowers combined since the American Revolution.

        Things could have been much worse for Van Buren.

      • I forgot Chelsea Manning should have been included with Kiriakou, et al..
        More coffee please for leftover……..

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