How does your state fare?

thThe Center for American Progress has released its State of the States report. You can read it here.

And thanks, Kimberley, for the link.


5 responses to “How does your state fare?

  1. That link is to the State-by-State Factsheet. The whole report, which explains how CAP does its figuring, (the key indicators), and has ranking charts to compare States for each of those indicators, is found here [pdf].

    The title is, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.” Cute. (Clint is not on the cover page.) Who says neoliberals have no sense of humor?

    • Thanks for this. I thought people might want to check their own state. That’s usually what I turn to in the first place, but this is a great addition.

      • I really think that an organization that has “Progress” in its name should make its reports easier to navigate and explore.
        I’m sending a copy to VOX. Maybe they can come up with something more interactive.

        • It isn’t all that great, is it? And doesn’t VOX do great things with data visualization. Almost makes me want to go and Learn Stuff.

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