If you’ve nothing better to do…

Ca2Vi2PWAAA1J7V…I’m speaking at the historic Trinity Church on the Green in New Haven, and I’m part of an awesome group.

My prayer is that I don’t swallow my tongue or something, and that is a real concern. I went there recently to get a feel for the place, and it’s high church all the way up the Tiffany windows.

But the welcome was warm, the sermon was thought-provoking, and I actually knew two of the songs. So it’s good. It’s all good.

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  1. You’re preaching?! Is it open to the public? Can I go?

    “The Least of These” – I’d be interested in hearing your take on that. I’ve read a twisting of it to even mean the least of these refers to only Christians, like Kim Davis, who only wishes to live out her faith & devotion to Christ, while denying LBGTQ their right to marry, but was persecuted for it. I know. Really? Be careful – don’t say anything bad about people. ;-) You can think it.

    1. Of course it’s open to the public. It’s in New Haven on the green and the church is really beautiful.

          1. It the evangelical in you.
            Recite it into a mirror before you go on. Then you’ll be more warmed up.

  2. Do you know Laura Ahrens? I was still attending St. James in Danbury when she was rector there. I will certainly try to come to your sermon on the 28th.

    1. Only by reputation — which is stellar. And if you make it, come up and I’ll hug your neck!

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