About last night’s GOP debate:

CcGjVVCXIAARrODSamuel Johnson’s 18th century definition of “trumpery.”

Here’s Merriam-Webster’s.


13 responses to “About last night’s GOP debate:

  1. We’ll see how worthless it was after Super Tuesday. I’ve seen some clips and I think The Challengers scored some excellent body blows. The Contender managed to break out of the Rope-a-Dope near the end and scored when the referee let him get a few shots off after the bell. It is refreshing to see The Challengers actually act like challengers. I hope they keep it up.

    The Donald really let his Inner Mussolini shine through, though. That has to be inspiring to people like Lindsay Graham and David Duke, (who stopped short of actually endorsing The Donald but wanted to remind everybody that Trump’s the only real White Man in the race…so…what choice do you have?).

    • And now Chris Christie has endorsed Trump.

      • Is he looking to be VEEP? Because in my mind, this makes him a racist ass, too.

        • That may be his strategy. I wonder if Trump would pull in one of his kids as VEEP. Is that permitted? Imagine father-daughter, for the purpose of luring the vote of “the women”.

        • Could be. The Donald says he wants an actual politician to be his VP.

          • Eww.

            • Meg Whitman disavows Christie:

              Chris Christie’s endorsement of Donald Trump is an astonishing display of political opportunism. Donald Trump is unfit to be President. He is a dishonest demagogue who plays to our worst fears. Trump would take America on a dangerous journey. Christie knows all that and indicated as much many times publicly. The Governor is mistaken if he believes he can now count on my support, and I call on Christie’s donors and supporters to reject the Governor and Donald Trump outright. I believe they will. For some of us, principle and country still matter.

              And when Meg Whitman talks “donors and supporters,” she’s talking to some particularly well-heeled Republicans who, like herself, have been long-term Christie supporters and operatives. (Whitman was co-chair of Christie’s national finance committee of his presidential campaign.) Christie may have made his move too soon.

              Not that any of this hurts Trump. Quite the opposite. But it is about the strongest repudiation from an establishment Republican of Trump Brand™ Politics that I’ve seen outside of a George Will rant. Unfit is mighty strong language from a member of Trump’s own tribe.

  2. Love it! It perfectly fits!

  3. I guess Christie isn’t “tired of the crazies” anymore.

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