For this, he breaks his silence?

clarence-thomas-wrote-a-bizarre-opinion-about-religion-and-the-constitutionThe news is all over that Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas broke his 10-year silence (a record!) during yesterday’s oral arguments in Voisine v. United States.

And the reason he spoke up? To question the gun ban that exists for domestic abusers. During a five-minute exchange with Ilana Eisenstein, the lawyer for the government, the conversation focused:

largely on the impact that the domestic violence gun ban has on Second Amendment rights.

One of his questions to the esteemed lawyer was:

“Would you have a better case if this were a gun crime?”

martin-scalia-1The chair of the recently-departed (and chatty) Antonin Scalia, perhaps the court’s third-most conservative justice was draped in black next to him. Thomas is widely considered the Court’s most conservative justice.


3 responses to “For this, he breaks his silence?

  1. Somebody forgot to bring him a cookie.

    It’s just perfect that Thomas’ first foray into oral arguments in ten years focused on something the Court refused to consider when it decided to review the case: whether the ban on possession of firearms by individuals convicted of domestic violence violated their rights under the Second Amendment.

  2. I didn’t realize Thomas was the most conservative on the SCOTUS. I am puzzled by his silence. How does one in his position even do that?

    • Thomas always said he wouldn’t say much because he worked from the briefs presented by the parties involved.

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