Just one more dig at the #OscarsSoWhite

tumblr_mgls4yfPNa1qgb5ceo2_500Chris Rock delivered a stinging commentary on the utter whiteness of the Oscar nominees, and then he took a break, as it say here, to take a stab at the whole model minority thing — Asians! Good at math, right?!?! — and it was tiresome.

This was especially dumb because of they had three little kids out on the stage. Not cool. And I like Chris Rock, a lot. But precisely what agenda are you advancing here?

And thanks, Jac, for sending this along.


2 responses to “Just one more dig at the #OscarsSoWhite

  1. Perspective from Akiba Solomon at Colorlines:

    It was humiliating and painful to watch a Black man make fun of a Black woman and Black struggle for the uneasy laughter of a staggeringly White audience. It’s almost cliché to point out that there’s a difference between laughing with us and laughing at us. But Rock was such a cliché monster at the 88th Annual Academy Awards, this may be the only language he understands nowadays.

  2. I only watched Chris Rock’s opening remarks, and didn’t bother with watching any of the rest of the Academy Awards. I agree with much of what Akiba Solomon pointed out. I thought he did a good job at times in making a point that needed to be addressed, but then messed it up by minimizing today’s issues, turning horrible acts into laughing points, and then marginalizing other groups. It wasn’t until the next day that I read the Times story about his comments about Asian children, with voiceless Asian children as props. Turning children of a certain race or ethnicity into a joke on stage, was beyond over the line.

    It is disappointing to see that talk of inclusion sometimes is not at all that, and is really intended to refer to one’s own group. That is not inclusion. Inclusion should not be binary. How many Asians, Latinos, or Muslims were nominated? Why don’t we see more female protagonists in films? Why not more women of color as protagonists?

    Chris should have known better. It is not ok for anyone to stereotype or attack a group of people, based on race, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, age….none of it is ok. It doesn’t matter what the original message is, if a person does it, they should be called out on it. No child should feel less than or better than another because of genetics. No child should feel that there are grades of discrimination with it being acceptable if you go after Asians or girls or some other group. The attitude that a person should be put into a particular box because of race, ethnicity, religion, gender etc is exactly the brand of hate that Trump exploits. I realize it’s at another level, but it’s really the same.

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