Conservative Jesus says:


12718044_1255252501152392_2928315393235946121_nAnd thanks, Cynical, for the links.


6 responses to “Conservative Jesus says:

  1. Would that be TWO Republiconnians?

    • Probably closer to 160 Republiconnians…and at least 80 Democratians as well. Maybe more depending on what “healthcare” means.The Book of Neoliberal Revelations can be rather cryptic on that score.

      And when it comes to deporting? You’ve gotta go straight to 1st Obama: 2011-2014.

      • Please can I just pick on one conservative with funny Jesus pictures?

        • Sure. (Except for St. Paul of Ryan. He gets a 7 day exemption for his epistle to the Drumpfians on consorting with Philistines.)
          I’ll take care of the rest.
          I did like the Winchester, though. A classic firearm for a classic look. An AR-15 would have been so démodé.

  2. Pope Francis would not agree for sure.

  3. Jesus must be weeping.

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