Aaand another white supremacist is going for Trump

12814608_1041171165943988_1074387170749073903_nThis guy was filmed roughing up black protesters at a Trump rally. Matthew Heimbach has vowed to stay away from any more Trump rallies so that he doesn’t become “a distraction,” but he is not a distraction. He is precisely what Trump’s rallies are all about. Trump has been a stiff shot in the arm to the white supremacy movement in this country.

You can read more here, at the always-on-target Right Wing Watch.

And thanks, Cynical, for the photo above.

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  1. The GOP has been courting White Nationalists for a good long time. The Southern Strategy. More history.

    More recently, the GOP has been sheltering White nationalists within its Tea Party factions. Tea Party Nationalism [PDF]. Update

    So I am unimpressed with the ostensible shock and dismay from Republican Party leaders…and Democratic Party leaders for that matter…at Drumpf’s apparent reluctance to disavow connections to that part of the GOP support base. The Myth of Trump-Hating Republicans

    Drumpf’s racism has been obvious since the day he started his campaign. Drumpf’s reluctance to repudiate White nationalism is a calculated move to enhance his celebrity, keep the media focused on his campaign, fully aware that any criticism is easily sloughed off and will only serve to further galvanize his support within the Republican Party and Independent electorate. The man is a marketing genius. I don’t think anyone, not even Mittens, can stop Drumpf’s takeover of the GOP now. It’s going to be an interesting convention.

    The really important question is: Can Democrats keep him out of the White House? Early indicators are not all that positive.

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