And here is where Candidate Drumpf alludes to his man-parts

To be fair, Candidate Rubio started it, but really, gentlemen? I mean, really? I gave last night’s debate as much time as I could but then one must move on to weightier matters.

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  1. Think Romney will make a play at the convention?
    CNN says it could be Romney/Ryan stealing the show.

      1. I think he’s going to make a play. He and Ryan. I don’t think it will amount to much more than some excellent theater. (That might be all it’s intended to be.)

        1. The bones are all lining up, aren’t they? This political season is incredible. I have never been good at predicting political movements and I’m even less skilled now.

          1. The Republicans haven’t had a brokered convention since 1948. Romney seemed to be pushing for that in his speech yesterday. Whether or not that can happen won’t be decided until the first day of the convention when delegates vote on the rules submitted by the Convention Rules Committee.

            What happens with that committee won’t start to take shape…publicly…until after the middle of March when it will be a little clearer how the delegate count is shaping up.

            If the Republican Party vanguard tries to juggle the rules to oust Trump? That could be some Must Watch TV.

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