Shoes: WTF version

MTM2OTc3MjU0Njg4MjM3MTUzThe high-end Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana sells “slave sandals” on their website.

This calls the product a “cultural misstep,” which seems to tragically understate things.


5 responses to “Shoes: WTF version

  1. What I find shocking is that people would pay in excess of $2,000 dollars for it.
    I have an old pair of waffle-stompers that I use when I help clean up the yard that I’ll sell…shipping paid…for $500. Bonafide American Poverty Stricken Footwear. Unique Colored. One size fits all. For an extra hundred I’ll leave the dog poop on it. (Genuine Montana Pompoms™!) Supply limited. Act Fast!
    (Deposit required for prepaid shipping. All sales final. No returns.)

  2. What were they thinking? I see they changed the name.

    It looks like a preschooler designed it with the pom-poms and sequences.

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