In last week’s reading of the Hebrew scriptures…

downloadAs I slog through (and that’s what it often is, a slog) the entire Bible this year, I find myself about halfway through the book of Joshua, and am mired in a lot of who-gets-what, as God tells Joshua precisely which tribe gets which tract of land.

Given so much time and attention devoted to actually reaching the land of Canaan, one would expect a bigger deal made of it in the text, but it’s really not. Moses doesn’t get to cross over, but Joshua does, and then the land is divided. Far be it from me to edit the writers of the Bible, but the only thing keeping me engaged is I know there are some pretty awesome battles and characters coming up.

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  1. I think the story of tribal allotments were a way for people far removed from that actual time to rationalize how things just turned out.

    From what I understand, there isn’t a whole lot of evidence that dividing up the conquered lands by lot ever really happened.

  2. The details of the initial divvying up seem unimportant, thousands of years later. I almost wonder why those details were chosen to be included in the Bible. I am shocked at all the battles and killing so far (as directed by the Lord), following the “Thou shalt not kill” Commandment. Unless I misread something, the Israelite invasion often involved killing every person in a newly occupied area: men, women, and children, which was especially disturbing. I am looking forward to more inspirational characters.

    I wish we could hear more about Rahab during this time. Doesn’t she end up being a great -great (don’t know how many greats) grandmother of Jesus? Imagine that? A heathen-harlot?

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