So…who’s ahead, again?

donald-trump-claims-reporters-are-the-worst-people-hes-ever-met_1Mother Jones has an interactive map where you can go, read ’em, and perhaps weep.


One response to “So…who’s ahead, again?

  1. The Republican Party primary/caucus system being a little more straightforward, it’s a little easier to see who is actually in a leading position.

    The Democratic Party process, however, is severely convoluted and difficult to grasp. That’s not a bug. It’s a feature that Party has created to marginalize the impact of insurgent candidacies…like Sanders’.

    While superdelegate endorsements are not formally binding, I think they give a clearer picture of who is leading the Democratic Party contest. Clinton is way out in front on that score. Not to say that makes her the inevitable nominee, but Sanders has a looooong way to go to convince Clinton’s superdelegates to switch lanes, and to convince uncommitted superdelegates and potential add-ons, (delegates added to State totals by State Party officials just prior to the convention to represent Party position on “electability”), to line up with him. It’s not 2008, and Bernie’s not Barack.

    Whatever you do, don’t look upon the primary/caucus season like a general election. Especially where the Democrats are concerned. There’s a good deal of state convention politicking and backroom shenanigans left to complete before their national convention.

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