You need to see this picture

unnamedA year ago, that man in the middle was sleeping on the porch of the state Supreme Court. He rolled up his bag one day and walked across the street to participate in Homelessness and Housing Advocacy Days — talk to legislators about his situation, maybe make some change. This is that man just last year:

IMG_3013The irony of that incredible. Every year, advocates, allies, policy-makers, wonks and others go to Hartford to try to get the ear of legislators. They talk about the state’s lack of affordable housing. They talk about people living in the streets, on the edge, in places no humans should be.

The man in the middle had been out on the streets for decades, and he told friends he was about to lose hope. But he rolled up his bag that day to advocate for himself, and for others.

And then, through a concerted effort on the part of some good and smart people, last April Sal Pina walked into his own apartment in Hartford’s West End.

And he’s still there.

This year, he made his bed (with his favorite Batman sheets!) and again made his way to the Legislative Office Building to once again advocate for himself and others.

Thanks, Sarah and Sara, for the photos.

Makes you kind of want to cry, yes?


5 responses to “You need to see this picture

  1. Looking good, Sal!

  2. Go, Sal! I’m so happy for him!

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