Canada can do it. Why can’t we?

dollar11Canada will put a Canadian woman on its currency, and Canadians can nominate that woman here. (The queen of England doesn’t count. And can someone please explain to me what she’s doing there?)

That’s full-on, on the bill, and none of this sharing stuff.

Oh! Canada…


5 responses to “Canada can do it. Why can’t we?

  1. Why can’t we?
    Because we’re exceptional. And an exceptional people don’t do things because because it makes sense, or because it’s the right thing to do. An exceptional people will, in fact, intentionally avoid those lines of reasoning in order to concoct recipes of nonsense, self abuse and disaster for no other reason than to just stand apart from the rest of civilization. That’s what being exceptional is all about.

    • Oh. I forgot we’re exceptional. Thank you.

      • There’s just no comparing us to anybody else. Though I see Canada’s Justin Trudeau is trying to change all that. But it’s a long way down the evolutionary ladder to our rung. He might not succeed.

  2. Nova Scotia is looking better and better!

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