Hey! France has a female Donald Trump!

lependownload (2)Marine Le Pen, too, is riding an ill-informed populist wave of popularity.

And check out this Guardian article. In France, credit for the rise of the dangerous Le Pen is given to the “cowardly elite.” Sound familiar?


9 responses to “Hey! France has a female Donald Trump!

  1. I see little connection between Trump and Le Pen.

    Trump is a political outsider. Le Pen is, and has been for more than a decade, a political insider. The elected leader of the second-most powerful political Party in France.

    Trump is a fool. A meat puppet for the American ruling class. Le Pen is no fool. She wants to dismantle France’s existing ruling class and replace it with an authoritarian, anti-democratic and dominionist militarized neo-fascist government. And she has a plan to do it.

    One thing they do have in common is a dominant economic elite that thrives…profits…from the fear and loathing wrought from social, political and economic instability. That’s why both of them will more than likely be at the head of their respective governments by next year.

    • Nativists who deal in fear. I think Trump is no more an outsider than was John McCain. I think he’s a fool, too, but he’s hitting all the buttons to get as far as he is now, so how foolish is he?

      Can we disagree and still be friends?

      • Oh sure. Friends forever.

        Trump hasn’t the sense of principle that one would find in a committed neo-fascist like Le Pen. Or a neoconservative like McCain. Unless greed or sociopathy can be considered virtues. Which…the way things are going…might actually be emerging as political reality in America.

    • Trump will NOT be the head of our U.S. of A.!

      • As you are given to prayer, I would suggest you back that up with a supplication to a power higher than…say…the Koch Bros. Because if voting trends displayed so far this cycle continue into November? The Democrats are toast.

        • It is my hope that in a general election there will be a segment of Republicans that will not be able to stomach a vote for Trump. They may go for the Dem option or not vote at all. However, point well taken. We do need to get more Dems out to vote! But, just in case, I have plans of many cereal burnt offerings to the Lord. I am quite good at burning my oatmeal and I’m hoping that counts for something.

          • Generally, primary/caucus turnout has no predictable…historical…correlation with general election turnout. But I find it kind of odd that in such a hotly contested race between two markedly disparate candidates that turnout for round one has been so much lower, overall, than in 2008.

            Then there’s defections and populist-minded (White) independents to consider. The stay-at-home factor for candidate loyalists. Voter suppression and disenfranchisement. Growing malaise, apathy and general lack of confidence in the whole system.

            Better make it a BIG ol’ bowl of cereal.

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