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  1. According to Inquisitor, not only does PeepsMilk contain the 11 grams of sugar naturally occurring in the lactose found in a serving of regular milk, but an additional 26 grams of sugar per serving. That’s 37 grams of sugar per serving (1 cup). An extra 4.2 teaspoons of sugar. More than a tablespoon per cup.

    It also has twice the amount of sodium…320mg per cup for the chocolate compared to 120mg for regular milk.

    And along with all those essential nutrients, protein, added sugar and salt comes premium ingredients like corn syrup, gelatin, dyes, potassium sorbate, (synthetic salt used as a preservative), natural (?) flavors and carnauba wax.

    And it’s advertised as 100% milk?
    That is an apocalypse. A Type II artery clogging apocalypse.

    1. Amazing. I didn’t even bother to look at the contents because, well, I hate Peeps, but Jaysus, even I, a sugar fiend from waaaay back, wouldn’t put that stuff in my cereal. Thanks for this.

      1. But…carnauba wax? Does that even belong in the dairy section? Shouldn’t it be with the cleaners and polishes?

          1. So…I looked into how it is used on/in food. It’s most commonly used as a coating or glazing agent in confectionary, especially chocolate coated products, nuts, snacks, coffee beans and jelly beans…and, of course, regular Peeps. And it’s sometimes used as a “surface treatment” for fruits. (Watch out for the shiny apples at the grocery.) Can’t find any recent data on toxicity. Average daily intake is said to be about 7mg per day per person. Nobody really knows, apparently, if it’s harmful. It’s made out of palm leaves.

            I did call my local coffee roaster who assured me it’s not generally used on coffee beans processed for brewing. Just for snacking. (“Can you imagine what that would do to your brewer?” she said.)

            What it’s doing in Peeps Milk is a mystery…unless they’re just tossing in whole Peeps into vats of milk and mixing them…..
            excuse me…..

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