So how was YOUR week?

IMG_1436I stepped away from the blog to accomplish some writing. In the 10 days since I left my last post, I

  • Wrote a column for the Courant (unlike my usual stuff, it’s light and fluffy, like nougat)
  • Wrote a column for CT Health Investigative Team, but that’s not posted yet
  • Wrote an article for WNPR, also not posted yet.
  • Wrote 50 pages for my book on Frog Hollow, my favorite Hartford neighborhood.

Don’t be too impressed. There’s 50 pages, and then there’s 50 pages. I didn’t say they were good, but I got into a routine that included  lots of coffee and the scattered free moment when I took one hike with my husband, and another hike with my buddy, visited the beluga whales with the grandbabies (see above), and rode my bike more than I wanted. It was like running a marathon and I did it and I’m glad I did, but I’m almost ready to get back into the nutty school routine, but only until the end of the semester, at which point I’m going to take a loooong car ride.

Onward. I hope your days were equally fabulous.


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  1. Yard Goats? Really? The train connection is interesting, though. I’ve never heard that before.
    Kind of hard to keep things together, though, when your yard goats don’t have a yard. That might get your goat if you purchased a season ticket. Or want to sell hot dogs.

    Welcome back.

      1. I did a lot of reading. Fought off a cold. Watched it snow for a couple of days. (It’s always fun to watch the drought abate. We went from “severe” to “moderate” and “abnormally dry” practically overnight.) Binge watched America’s Test Kitchen reruns and Orphan Black Season 3 (new season April 14!) to get away from March Madness on the tube. Tried to find a HDCP driver for my old monitor. Not fun. And harassed my housemates’ youngest and his girlfriend about Bernie Sanders and James the biblical martyr who some identify as the brother of Jesus. Fun.

        1. That’s all interesting, but of course I have to ask: You harassed someone about James?

          1. Not about so much as over. The issue of James and his parentage/family status etc. is one of those things that divides Protestant from Catholic.
            My housemates’ youngest identifies as atheist. He didn’t know…among other things…that some people believe Jesus may have had a brother….or four. His girlfriend identifies as Roman Catholic, and likewise, had no knowledge…among other things…of James the Less, (as he’s referred to by Catholics), or any controversy regarding biblical interpretation of James familial ties. Or lack of same.

            The point being, if one says something is “in the Bible,” it’s best to express which Bible one is referring to. There’s more to the difference than just the number of books.

            1. I trust you had a felt board and everything, to ‘splain things. (I just made up an image of you and a felt board and a cardboard Jesus, and I think I should get a free coffee over that.)

              1. No felt board. No cardboard Jesus. Visual aids aren’t very useful against blind faith. (I do think they fact-checked me at Wikipedia, though.)

                But by all means go for the free coffee.

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