Please do not talk about our hormones

Megyn_Kelly_confronts_Donald_Trump-bead0a5507484d77dec3f72924110a67Yet another male tennis player — Novak Djokovic — had something to say about lady tennis and lady-bodies, because of hormones and stuff.

Too bad, because the top-ranked tennis player was chugging right along there, talking about equal rights and stuff and then? He tripped on his tongue.

Quickest way to dismiss a woman? Call her crazy (and yes, I am sickened, as well, that I’m speaking up for Megyn Kelly, considering her patchy record on race and science and stuff, but at this point, it’s ABT (AnybodyButTrump) in any fight, anywhere.

Weirdly, that last link mentions “hysteria,” which taps into a 4,000-year old insult to women. So thank you, Dr. Freud.


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  1. Calling out Drumpf for his misogyny isn’t necessarily a rationalization of Kelly’s willful ignorance and her schtick on FOXNews.

    I see Moore has stepped down as Indian Wells CEO and tournament director.
    We can probably expect some backtracking from Novak Djokovic, who made almost twice as much money from endorsements in 2015 ($31 million) as he did from prize money ($17 million). Endorsement income can change rather suddenly once an image is tarnished. Sponsors aren’t keen on controversy. Ask Maria Sharapova.

    1. I am not comfortable with Megyn Kelly on any level. But I am most uncomfortable about having Drumpf talk about her wherevers. But we move on. I may have to take a vow of silence on the asshole (Drumpf), but I’ve tried to do that before (the church that shan’t be named, the Duggars) with mixed results.

      1. I am uncomfortable any time Drumpf opens his mouth. “Uncomfortable” probably isn’t the right word. Because whenever an American politician opens their mouth I get uncomfortable. Uneasy. Tense. Ill-at-ease. Edgy. Troubled, worried, anxious, fraught, rattled, twitchy, discombobulated, antsy. All of the above.

        I find him offensive. Like porn. While everything that escapes his mouth is really not that different in substance from the Republican Party nonsense used to induce the general public…and, it seems, the Democratic Party…into bending over a chair, it’s his marketing style that galls. Stripped of all pretense of respect for anything other than immediate self-fullfillment and personal gratification, Drumpf is the quintessential Republican politician. No lube.
        Hard not to talk about someone who dominates the media so completely. Especially when that someone is bent on moving into the White House. The Duggars pale in comparison.

        But you could talk more about other candidates. Cruz is a hot topic. Drumpf or the dominionist? There’s a discussion. Or Clinton. It seems, especially after the last day or two, that if America is bent on having a Republican in the White House, Hillary Clinton is the only rational choice. But don’t talk about Sanders. Nobody is supposed to talk about Sanders. Unless they possess absolutely no clue whatsoever about his career, social democracy, socialism, his campaign, basic math, or the difference between dreams and delusions. Then? You’re an expert on Bernie.

        There’s always baseball…..

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