Someone called me a looser yesterday

thSomeone took the time to copy some of my recent columns for the Courant — along with one from 2012 — and then include a note that asks why the newspaper employs a “looser” like me, and then they sent the packet to me at my university job.

They didn’t even bother to find the street address, but the postal service is diligent, and the little hateful mess made it to my office.

Sadly, there was no return address or signature, so I couldn’t so much as take revenge by correcting the speeling, but for a moment, it took me back, just long enough to tear the papers up, spit on them and put them in the recycle bin.

If mine sounds like an extreme response to — well, it’s not really hate mail, just stupid mail — believe me, I’ve come a long way, baby. You have to learn to dismiss those kinds of notes because really, who has the time? But I allow myself that one little reaction before I move on. I think it caught my eye because mostly no one talks like that in an academic setting — and they certainly know how to spell.

But really? Who has the time?

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  1. You do have some dedicated followers. I always seem to recognize a few in the comment boxes of your articles…especially at the Courant. I often wonder how much, if any, time you spend dealing with them here.

    1. Not one single second. I don’t read ’em. It makes my life simpler to ignore them.

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