How did you celebrate Purim?

Esther_haram(It started at sunset last night, and goes to sunset today).

Need a refresher? Here’s more on the shero of that story, Esther (and, depending on your perspective, the woman she replaced, Vashti).


9 responses to “How did you celebrate Purim?

  1. I updated my operating system and cut loose a cup of the Caffè Umbria espresso perfetto Gusto Crema roast.
    Now that I know I should be celebrating something, I’ll cut loose another. Budget be damned.
    I might even risk a salted caramel.
    Thanks for the heads up.

    • I missed it, but I am now craving a cup of Caffe Umbria espresso perfetto Gusto Crema roast. I don’t know what that is exactly, but it sounds wonderful!

      • Caffè Umbria is a coffee roasting and cafe operating business in Seattle. It was originally started by 2nd generation coffee maestro Umberto Bizzarri in 1986 as Torrefazione Italia. It was eventually bought up by Starbucks, which altered the Torrefazione roasting recipes and shuttered all the Torrefazione Italia cafes.

        After that, Umberto’s son Emanuele immediately opened Caffè Umbria and began reproducing the original blends, along with some new ones. The original Torrefazione Italia roast I loved the best was called Sardegna. It was the best coffee I had ever tasted. Drip or espresso. It was only available here through a cafe operated by one of our traditional Italian restaurants. The Starbucks version simply wasn’t the same. (And I don’t think they even market a roast with that name anymore. Others with the Torrefazione Italia name are still available. But like I said…not the same.)

        The Gusto Crema blend is the new version of that Sardegna roast. I think it’s even better than the first. Unfortunately, it’s only available here via mail order, (that old cafe closed and the restaurant doesn’t sell retail coffee), and it is very expensive. So I can only afford a few small bags a year. Worth every penny.

        Espresso perfetto means perfect expresso in Italian. It’s one of the few espressos I’ll drink straight. And the only “medium” roast coffee I like. (Grades of coffee roasts can very significantly depending on manufacturer. Caffè Umbria’s medium might be considered a dark roast by some. Most traditional Italian roasts are.)

      • Oh yeah…you should be able to find excellent Italian roasts in your area. Last time I was back East, (Massachusetts/Rhode Island 2004?), I had the chance to visit some genuine Italian cafes, and was blown away by the coffee. Your part of the country is generations ahead of us Westerners as far as coffee appreciation is concerned.

        • I cut & pasted & saved your above coffee description. It sounds wonderful! I have found LavAzza Italian coffee here in the stores, which is good. They sell it in some grocery stores, but Bed, Bath & Beyond had it on sale one time and it was much more affordable.

          Time for a cup!

          • And I had Dunkin at my house. Hazelnut, enhanced with really crappy creamer that tastes like a candy bar. To each her own.

            • Sans the crappy creamer, that sounds good, too. I like Hazelnut coffee.

              Craving another coffee again…

            • Before I got access to a high end espresso machine, I used a drop or two of sunflower oil to enhance the flavor and pulled it onto a small pile of Vietnamese cinnamon heaped atop a sugar cube.
              No need for that now.

              There used to be a Dunkin here but they went out of business a few years ago.

          • That looks nummy!
            I may have to try and finagle a bag or two. The price isn’t all that high for a signature roast. (Buying direct anyway.)
            I love authentic Italian roast coffee.

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