Let the Republicans carry guns at their convention

download (1)The Republicans will not allow guns in the Quicken Loans Arena during their national convention in July in Cleveland. Ohio is an open carry state.

You can help change that. Sign the petition. If the party is such a supporter of guns, then why don’t they want them at their convention?


12 responses to “Let the Republicans carry guns at their convention

  1. Is it the Republicans banning guns from the Quicken Loans Arena?
    I was under the impression it’s the property owners. Probably influenced in no small degree by their liability insurance carriers.

    Regardless…there is no constitutional right to carry firearms on private property.

  2. If Susan Campbell were from Cleveland, were it her neighbors and family working as vendors, janitors, ushers, valets, maintenance people, etc at this convention, she may not have the same sense of detached irony about allowing a bunch of white supremacists to carry guns while there. She would do well to remember however, that those people (my people) will be put at risk by snarky liberals who sign this petition.

    • Susan Campbell is from Webb City, Mo., not that you asked. And this is a snarky petition, no argument. It also has absolutely no teeth because, as has been pointed out in these comments, the site at which the national convention is being held is a privately-owned building. They make the rules. No petition can change that. It’s strictly meant to draw attention to the hypocrisy of certain elements of this party in regard to gun laws. I wouldn’t want any one to actually take a gun there.

      • If that petition actually originated with snarky liberals I’ll feel a lot better about it.

        • Really? Who started it, do you think? Or do you know?

          • I’m assuming it was started by open-carry freakazoids. I haven’t found anything yet disproving that.

            The president of Ohio Carry, an organization of open-carry freakazoids, said he hoped the petition organizers succeeded in their mission::

            “(We) would love to see this petition take off and the RNC to allow law abiding citizens to carry at the event,” Pucillo told Guns.com.

            But it’s been reported as a farce elsewhere. “Wizard-level trolling” some say. The user profile of the author has been deleted. There was a Facebook account at one time for “Americans for Responsible Open Carry”, but it’s “not available right now.” So I suppose it could be a joke.

            On the other hand…

          • Apparently the person who started the petition, someone named Jim, is not an open-carry freakazoid but a proponent of “gun sanity.”

            Joke’s on me.

        • Really? Who started it, do you think? Or do you know?

  3. to continue the snark, i was looking forward to the shoot out. the way the candidates are talking, it sounds as if they would prefer to decide who gets on the ballot by “the last man standing” method, (rather than anything that has to do with voting)

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