So after Jesus arose…

chick-and-lamb…to me, Easter is just an odd holiday, but I have always been fond of the Monday after, because that is when the real work began, when the baton was passed, and the early Christians were charged with making things right (and righteous).

It struck me on the way to visit my son and his family on Sunday, while I was accidentally listening to some baroque music on the radio, that the best Easter sermon would be, “My God! He didn’t die!”


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  1. Nobody really dies according to Christians.
    It’s just not everybody gets the first class round trip ticket.

  2. I do believe that though maybe not in the traditional Easter sense. I believe – He lives in you. He lives in me. He lives in anyone who is wishes to love, care for, and be compassionate toward others, whether that person is a Christian or not.

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