What the hell’s wrong with Mississippi?

jesus_gunAlison sends this link about a bill — just passed by the Mississippi state senate —  that would allow guns in church.

That’s concealed carry, without a permit. And if the gun approved by this bill is used in defense of the church, there’d be no prosecution.

Mississippi? We’ll be a-prayin’ fer ye.



2 responses to “What the hell’s wrong with Mississippi?

  1. “The self-defense of these churches is a God-given right,” sayeth Republican Sen. Sean Tindell. Which, if you’re working your way through Old Testament Deuteronomistic history, might not seem as outrageous as it sounds. Especially when trying to establish a state religion.

    Also in the Mississippi legislature: “the worst religious freedom bill to date”.
    Missouri also poised to embrace discrimination.

  2. No. Only morons will be “praying-in” for ya. Sane people will avoid your state if they can for business, for living there, for raising sane kids there….

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