Ladies? Are you tired? Run down?

aOf course you are. You’re working hours longer than your male peers, and not for pay, either. Then, there’s that whole gender pay gap…

I wrote this for Mother Courant. And I cannot wait to see “Gross Domestic Product” at HartBeat Ensemble. Wanna go?

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  1. A complex issue with no easy answers.
    We could do a great deal more as a nation to support families, especially single parent families. But given the current state of affairs in this country, It’s doubtful the status quo will change much anytime soon.

      1. There’s a slim chance the Sanders insurgency could force the Democratic Party to move back toward a left-of-center, more social democratic and labor friendly political position.

        Then there’s The Economy, which continues to radicalize a large swath of what used to be The Middle Class in his country, but radicalization doesn’t necessarily result in the left-of-center/social democratic movement in politics required for the increased support to families we’re talking about.

        It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Not impossible. But hard.

  2. Yes, I am.

    And maybe.

    Nice piece. It understates my personal time commitment, but I’m an overachiever in that area. I do hope for more equality for the next generation of women.

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