When housing’s too expensive…

1156…here’s who you lose: Teachers, firefighters, teachers, and other middle-class workers. From Nathan Heller, at The New Yorker:

The quandary became flagrant last week: news circulated that the Palo Alto City Council had moved to explore subsidized housing for families earning between a hundred and fifty thousand and two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year.

The proposal, advanced by Palo Alto’s vice-mayor, travelled far and wide because the numbers seemed preposterous. In much of the country, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year qualifies as wealth. The subsidized-housing idea has an eye to public employees—government officials, teachers, firefighters—and would be part of a constellation of housing efforts that the council has launched to build units in Palo Alto’s downtown, near its transit hubs.


2 responses to “When housing’s too expensive…

  1. Whoa! This while CA is debating over raising minimum wage to $15/hr?

  2. Palo Alto? Isn’t that where Terry Castle went to shake hands with The Hildebeest?
    Dispossessed in the Land of Dreams.

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