If you’re following Jesus:

imagesWhich Jesus do you follow?

When religion makes people worse,” by David Gushee at Religion News Service. Interesting. Thought-provoking. Do read it.

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  1. THAT is a great question! The answer must be a description and not just “the one in the Bible”, because we know how that goes. I hope to have time to get back here to read the link and discuss. Too much multi-tasking going on at the moment.

  2. I’m sorry. I’m not buying it.
    Gushee wants me to believe that after his thirty years in the ministry…
    with “progressive evangelical”, ethicist and moral philosophy bonafides as long as I am tall, including being a Doctor of Divinity, hundreds of scholarly articles, twenty books…
    only now he’s beginning to recognize that the power of religion can corrupt as easily as it saves? Only now he’s beginning to discern a difference between religion and Religion™?

    I’m not buying it.
    This is nothing more than a politicized sermon…an apologetic…in an election cycle that has White evangelical voters running off the rails trying to install willfully ignorant White asshole as President.
    And he says “Ooopsie! My bad!”


      1. Broken link. here it is, I hope. Ooopsie! My bad!

        I have principles.
        Being a poor godless scoundrel doesn’t necessarily mean I am bereft of principles. I’m just unimpressed by opportunistic, self-serving faux righteousness. Because…as Gushee has ostensibly just discovered…it’s not at all uncommon in his line of work.

        Gushee implies he has a knowledge of history. He’s an “internationally recognized holocaust scholar“? But yet one simple truth, painfully obvious to everyone with a lot fewer letters after their names and, I’ll wager, not quite so many book credits with bank accounts to match, has escaped his notice for decades?

        That’s insulting. It’s a lie. That makes it a sin. Yes?

        1. I know nothing about this guy and don’t intend to defend or blame him. However, Jesus is the forgiving type so I’d guess it’s not a sin. As frustrating as it is to watch, isn’t his latest claim better late than never? People should know better – he should know better, but religion produces blind spots. When people are blind, they know not what they do not see. It can be a process and long road to seeing more clearly, no?

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