So Mary of Magdala witnesses the resurrection and gets this reaction:

12933086_1120276784659661_1690893501676802934_nAnd thanks, Carole, for the (sad) giggle.

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  1. In all fairness, though, had not Jesus cast out seven demons from Mary prior to this event? Heroine of the Faith or no, a raised eyebrow or two…okay…maybe eleven…might not be unreasonable.

    1. Yes. but. The quickest way to dismiss a woman is to declare her crazy or a slut (I would know these things). I wonder if those demons were ever actually there/cast out.

      1. Jesus apparently thought so. He was doing the exorcising.
        And while I agree it’s been common practice for men, especially Christian men, to dismiss, abuse and marginalize women with such accusations, if one believes in the divinity and power Jesus, isn’t one compelled to believe in the existence of such demons and their ability to “possess” people?

        1. I’m not questioning Jesus’ judgment, just the court reporter’s veracity. I gave up taking my scriptures straight. If I was still a fundamentalist, I’d say that Jesus cast out those demons and then chose her — his beloved Mary — to witness his resurrection to make a point (that got lost on generations to follow).

          1. I agree that Mary was chosen. Her faith was rewarded, and then, summarily dismissed by the Court Reporters: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Whose veracity, or lack thereof, is rarely even discussed within the boundaries of the Faith.

            1. And that’s unfortunate, because their inability to get the story correct contributed in no small part to women’s displacement in the church for, like, ever.

              1. The monotheism of Abrahamic religions is not big on women. No female “counterpart” as it were. Only such token representation necessary to keep women interested enough in the mythology to aid in its preservation.

                “…their inability to get the story correct…”
                Apostasy! How refreshing.

                1. I think that’s why I am enjoying reading the Books of Kings, and all the female goddesses the Israelites were warned against.

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