Duo Dickinson: “Perfect” enemies

IraqiCulturalFest13_ZahaHadid1-c-SimoneCecchetti.0My friend Duo, a really wonderful architect, wrote a piece commemorating the death of another wonderful architect Zaha Hadid, and this is what he got.

Dozens of folk attacked me, bizarrely my website, and each other in a classic micro-world of anger in a place almost no one sees.

I efforted fact-based responses, no name calling, but got only Troll Spew in response. It occurred to me the response was in complete concurrence with the responses I received privately about Zaha. Whether its for sculptitecture, Trump or how to cook tomatoes if you base your values on a specific ethos the Perfect has Become the Enemy of the Good.


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  1. I don’t know much about architecture, from Dickinson’s point of view anyway. (His literary construction did have me reaching for the Strunk and White a couple of times, though.)

    But I know about troll spew. And if the Archinect examples provided are supposed to be an example? Dickinson needs to get out more. (Trolling is a matter of degrees. College degrees transform trolls into a critics.) Send him some selections from your Courant archive. Some classics in there.

    1. Oh, I still get ’em. I just don’t approve ’em and don’t read them very closely. I think maybe Duo was expecting a higher-mindedness, but even the most degreed asshole is still an asshole. And a troll.

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