Is your name in the Panama Papers?

Then shame on you.

Under the whole “render unto Caesar” thing, while there are laws that allow skipping the paying of taxes, is it entirely moral to do so? From the National Priorities Project, here’s a chart to help you understand where at least some of your taxes go:


Knowing that, when corporations and individuals put their money in offshore accounts (among other hidey-holes), are they being entirely righteous? No. They are not. As the New York Times said today:

about 8 percent of the world’s financial wealth is held in tax havens. “So that’s about $7.6 trillion today, a huge amount of wealth.”

…says Gabriel Zucman, author of “The Hidden Wealth of Nations.”

Imagine what countries — including the U.S. — could do with $7.6 trillion. Right now, given all the legal loopholes, that’s all we can do, imagine.


2 responses to “Is your name in the Panama Papers?

  1. …(among other hidey-holes)…
    Like Nevada and Delaware.

    How the U.S. Government is Funded

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