How Biblical characters probably looked:

Not this (Brawny® Jesus):



But this: And this:



8 responses to “How Biblical characters probably looked:

  1. Just as doubtful as Brawny® Jesus.

    • Ha.

      • SCIENCE! says the real face of Jesus probably looked more like this.

        Which makes more sense to me than shifting from the whims of one artiste to another, especially when the contemporary artiste is available and admits to little, if any, attempt at accuracy in his portrayals.

        • I remember when that photo first circulated. Maybe Jesus looks however you want him to, though I was raised with Norwegian Jesus, and I’m pretty sure that’s not right. I like this portraits because they at least present the characters with a more appropriate skin tone.

  2. Created in OUR “superior” image. Proving we can be Christian and racist and not even realize it.

    • Oh, for sure. But for what it’s worth, I was a child of average intelligence (just as I am an adult of average intelligence) and even I noticed that Jesus was probably not blue-eyed and yellow-haired, as depicted in my Bible.

      • Modesty thy name is Susan ;). However, intelligence has little to do with it. Racism and stupidity don’t always walk hand in hand. Ask Black Santa about Megyn Kelly.

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