On Mississippi’s ignorant new law

367b5dacbdd4712c0686dac585e2321fThis week, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed a law that allows people who don’t want to do business with gays and lesbians and other in the LGBTQI community to discriminate and call it “religious freedom.”

“Religious freedom,” my ass. Baby Jesus is crying, Mississippi.

So in the middle of all this crud, I happened to hear this on NPR and you know what? It made me happy, a little bit. Maybe it will make you a little bit happy, too.

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  1. I’m not surprised to find a reasonable person in Mississippi. According to PRRI, 51% of people in Mississippi oppose allowing businesses to discriminate based on religion. That’s close to the national average of 59%. Majorities support LGBT nondiscrimination laws.

    Those majorities are just not being represented in government there.

    1. At the risk of appearing to be a glass is half empty person, that leaves 49% who do not oppose allowing discrimination based on religion? It is good to hear this bakery owner say it’s a non-problem, but 49% is a lot of people! This religious freedom crap is B.S.!

        1. It was an encouraging interview. It is a good reminder that the people can be better than the politicians, even if they did vote the losers into office. I loved his last comment: “….you see the state government as taking no action on hundreds of other priorities and taking action instead on trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. It boggles my mind.”

          Also, I noticed the bakery was named after your people! Any relation?

          1. I wish. I mean, yeah, they’re Campbells so we’re somehow related. Believe I’ll claim this one as a first cousin.

      1. When you think about it in historical terms, the acceptance and influence that the LGBT community enjoys currently….although a long time coming…has taken place in a relatively short amount of time…within a generation. This is what strikes fear into the hearts of the conservative religious: Change. The result is reactionary.

        And speaking of history, I think it’s good to remember that the piece of federal legislation that began all this “religious freedom” bullshit on the State level, The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1994, was a product of a Congress, and a White House, under the control of the Democratic Party. The same group of people who gave you a gun control bill with a time limit, enabled mass incarceration that devastated the Black community, created 60 new death penalty offenses, restricted inmates’ opportunity for higher education, and initiated a “three strikes” provision for federal offenses.

        And that’s just two pieces of legislation from those people, Just two. Don’t get me started. The Defense of Marriage Act. Wild Bill. NAFTA. Wild Bill. The end of welfare, TANF, that has resulted in not only vast amounts of political corruption, but a child poverty rate over 15%. Wild Bill.

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