Let’s call Sweden. Or something.

telephoneI love the idea of a Swedish tourism agency creating a phone number where you can call a random Swede (who has volunteered to answer such calls) and chat and, well, anything.

What if we set that up for fundamentalists, or other groups that are maybe misunderstood? Imagine how cool it would be to, say, talk to a hillbilly. Or an Oklahoman, or a Valley Girl.

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  1. I would volunteer to talk to a Swede. Not another American, though. Too much hate and discontent here.

    1. I suppose that kind of program wouldn’t work here? Kind of an outreach program to the world to reassure them that we’re not all voting for Trump? That we’re not all war-hungry and money-crazy?

  2. Whenever I’m on the phone with tech support, customer service, what/whoever, I always ask them where they are, what’s the weather. If they seem comfortable with my questions I’ll share some things with them. Then I’ll mix it up. What are you like to do in your spare time? How far is your home from work? Whatever comes to mind. You would be surprised what people have been willing to share and the questions they’ve asked me. Plenty of conversations with folks in the states but also Mumbai, Ireland, the Philippines and Germany. It’s been like conversations with strangers when I’ve been on the road. I walk away/hang up with very similar and positive feelings.

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