Let’s look at childcare

download (1)If we’re serious about preparing for the future, a new Economic Policy Institute’s report includes some ways to make the future better for today’s children (and tomorrow’s adults). Some smart moves include (but are not limited to):

  • Expanding public funding for home visits by trained nurses to help expectant parents make healthy choices both before and after childbirth.

  • Providing resources necessary to ensure all families can access high-quality child care with well-trained, professional staff qualified to provide early childhood education. High-quality programs will aim to nurture children’s cognitive and socioemotional development and allow all children to enter their formal schooling years at comparable levels of preparedness.

  • Providing resources to ensure the professionalization of early childhood caregivers and teachers. This means providing enough resources to attract and retain well-credentialed staff and to close earnings gaps between early childhood workers and other workers with similar skills and credentials (including K–12 teachers).


2 responses to “Let’s look at childcare

  1. Be sure to check out the Cost Of Childcare interactive that’s included. Some eye opening data there…like in 33 States and DC infant care, on average, is more expensive than college tuition.

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