So in my COMM4500 class we are talking about consumerism

All semester, we’ve been talking about poverty — how to research it and then write about it. You can see the students’ work here. I’m just real happy with what the students have discovered and uncovered (and if that blog gets 10,000 views, I’m buying pizza).

We’re talking about fast fashion this week and among other activities, we’re watching “The True Cost.” As part of the class exercises, we’re going to check out the labels of our shirts. I decided not to cheat and look specifically for a “Made In the USA” label, but just to check, I thumbed through my closet and I gotta tell you, I have more than a few clothes made elsewhere.

Now, “made elsewhere” doesn’t mean “made in a sweatshop,” but for as few clothes as I actually buy in the course of a year, you’d think I’d be a little more careful. Considering, as it says here, that “sweatshops are the norm in the garment industry,” I am thinking I’ll spend a little time this week and check my labels, says this daughter of an ILGW negotiator.

Here’s more on following your products to their origin.

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