The Jewish presidential candidate cleaves closer to Christian ideals than the others

BN-IE182_sabder_J_20150429214723Read this, from Peter Weber at The Week. Weber writes:

Of course, I don’t mean that Sanders subscribes to Christian ideas about faith and salvation, or even believes that Jesus of Nazareth was anything more than a famous itinerant preacher. In that sense, he is clearly less Christian than any of his rivals. Hillary Clinton is a Methodist, Donald Trump a Presbyterian, and John Kasich an American Anglican who grew up Catholic. Ted Cruz is a Southern Baptist.

But when it comes to the Christian imperative of helping the poor and the sick and the needy — all fundamental elements of Jesus’ preaching — Sanders, more than anyone in the race, speaks about government having a moral obligation to help those in need. In promoting the deeply Christian principles that are actually germane to governing a country, Sanders is talking the Jesus talk better than his Christian rivals.

And thanks, Cynical, for the link.


6 responses to “The Jewish presidential candidate cleaves closer to Christian ideals than the others

  1. I don’t know if “cleaves” is accurate….
    But I get the point.

    No comments at The Week?
    I gotta wonder what’s skulking in Weber’s inbox after asserting a Marxist Jew acts more like a Christian than Cruz…or Clinton.

    • Best they don’t open that up for comments. As for “cleaves,” I struggled with that. I mean, to call him a Christian is inaccurate, so…

  2. Exactly! It’s as if “Christian” (as in conservative view Christian) has become something other than an emulation of Jesus. Bernie is more of a Jesus follower in his talk and actions than a lot of Christians.

    • Any intersection of Bernie’s platform and Christian scripture is purely coincidental, I assure you, and completely dependent on who is interpreting what for whom.

      Bernie admits to spending more time studying He Whose Name Must Never Be Spoken, (another secular Jew), than scripture of any sort.

      Using Sanders to…well…burn…the self-identified religiosity of other candidates is, essentially, a distraction. A contrivance that serves no useful purpose.

  3. There are many things I reject about my fundamentalist protestant upbringing. But I affirm what my Church of Christ minster Dad taught us when he made sure we did not esteem money and pursuit of material goods too highly. The economic philosophies of the self-proclaimed GOP Christian candidates are anything but an expression of traditional Christianity. Sanders is more in line with it. After all, Jesus was a Jew in the prophetic tradition, so it should not be a complete surprise.

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