Why a unisex bathroom, you might ask?

oR5H6KjWith all the nasty discussion, maybe this will help explain the bigger picture.


4 responses to “Why a unisex bathroom, you might ask?

  1. I find this whole discussion silly. I understand where the locker room discussion is more complicated. However, for YEARS, I’ve met friends at a local coffee shop/restaurant.It’s a chain, but I’ve only been to two. The bathrooms have ALWAYS been unisex! They are large enough for a wheelchair, have changing tables, and ONE DOOR with a LOCK. Don’t know why this hasn’t caught on. Sometimes the simple solution is the best.

  2. The whole bathroom thing is just a way to formalize the falsehood that just being transgender constitutes a threat to public safety. One has to wonder just how much more ignorant people can be.

    I think Kroger has the right idea.

    • You’re right. It’s not about the bathrooms, really. It’s the mistaken and hateful notion that the transgender community poses a threat. Frankly, I don’t care who’s in the next stall, so long as I’m able to not have to wait in line a long, long time.

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