Having just sworn off soda, I found this interesting:

CfjOEbSWEAAWsEQA Starbucks customer discovered a judgmental note stamped on his 16-ounce white mocha shake and was angry.

Except: Deeper investigations find that the customer may have stamped the note, himself. Or another employee stamped the note, all of which is weird.

What’s interesting (to me) is the amount of sugar in these drinks. I’m cool if you want to suck down multiple grams of sugar. That’s your poison, but I can tell you I am in the throes of withdrawal after stopping my soda intake a week ago — headaches, stomach aches, the whole nine. So by all means, drink up! Because life without syrup-in-a-can is pretty rotten (right now).


8 responses to “Having just sworn off soda, I found this interesting:

  1. What is it you put in your coffee? Something to make it taste like a candy bar? Check the label on that.

    Much of the sugar in Starbucks clown coffee comes from the lactose in the milk used. There’s 12-13 grams of sugar from lactose in every cup (8 oz) of milk. More sugars are created making the espresso and steaming the milk. But that’s minimal. The flavorings are the real culprit. They’re from syrups of various kinds, usually the high fructose variety. A terrible thing to do to a cup of good coffee.

    Have you substituted anything for your Dr. Pepper?

    • I have not. I’m so uncomfortable without my sugar.

      • You should check with your doctor or a nutritionist. After so many years of consumption, a cold turkey approach might not be the best way to approach withdrawal. Your body is in shock and may do some rather nasty things trying to adjust. And it could last for quite awhile. Weaning might be better. (Your health insurance probably covers some sort of wellness counseling where you could get some info.)

        Sugar is as powerful as any drug.

        • Thanks, friend. I’m pretty committed to stopping and I’m kind of already on the path of cold turkey.

          UPDATE: Sorry for the brevity. I was sitting at a library in Hartford, and a friend walked up. Now that I’m more than a week from quitting, I’m hoping that the symptoms lessen. It stuns me that I’ve felt the effects so much. I mean, c’mon. How much crap was I drinking? This past school year has been a marathon and I’ve come face-to-face with my own human frailty and precisely what I need to be healthy: Exercise, less sugar, and a snootful of bubble baths.

          • My housemate had to drastically alter her sugar intake last year and found that herbal teas with cinnamon sticks really helped. Something about cinnamon, I guess, fools the body into thinking it’s being fed sugar. Lemon-Ginger is a favorite.

            I’m weaning. That’s working for me…so far. What I find difficult is carbs. Carbs is everywhere!

            • Carbs IS everywhere. So is sugar. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m stopping off at a store later today and believe I’ll try me some tea, even though I’m not a tea drinker. (Would cinnamon candy suffice as a substitute?) (Just kidding.) No one told me to go off sugar. I just started to feel weird after so much soda pop intake, and figured I’d stop. I really had no idea what the effect would be, but I sure not the benefits.

              • Gotta keep an eye on that A1C as we get older. I wish I could exercise more.

                If you go for the cinnamon sticks, try to get the real thing…from Vietnam or Ceylon. It’s a little more expensive but worth it. The other stuff is mostly wood pulp. The real thing isn’t really hotter, just tastier. And it has more of the natural benefits of cinnamon…anti-inflammatory…antioxidant…antibacterial.

                I like chai teas, (spicy!), and Earl Grey, (bergamot…citrusy!), but there’s caffeine in those. Mint teas are especially nice in the summer. A favorite iced tea of mine is a black cherry/licorice/mint tea blend that can be kind of pricey in the end but oh-so-good on a hot day. My housemate also really enjoys jasmine tea. That puts me to sleep.

              • What leftover said – tapering off is best. However, I understand the desire to just get past it quickly. The withdrawal sounds awful, but awesome that you’re giving up the soda! Your body will eventually thank you. You could substitute some fresh fruit for the soda over the transition time (berries are especially good) or add complex carbohydrates to ease the discomfort. I know a lot of people think bottled water is a bad thing, but I am on the side of choosing tap or bottled water over soda when I’m out and need a drink. Water usage is no different really because soda is mostly water, so I refuse to feel guilty over it. It’s a healthier option. If I need something flavored during the day, I go for unsweetened iced tea. I know that may be pushing it in your case! Last time I was in the south (NC), I was looking for unsweetened iced tea at a Mediterranean fast food restaurant. They had “Sweet Tea” and “Extra Sweet Tea” out in front. I had to ask for unsweetened iced tea because it was hidden in the back!

                And whoa! Starbucks should be ashamed of themselves! The beverages don’t need that much sugar to still taste sweet.

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