Who won last night’s Democratic debate?

Pundits say it was a draw. This, from The Atlantic, is a pretty good take on last night’s debate between Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

But what do you think?


3 responses to “Who won last night’s Democratic debate?

  1. I didn’t watch. But the pundit class does seem focused on Sanders’ statements on Israel and Palestine today. And they also seem to be continuing their characterization of Clinton as an incumbent, the inevitable candidate, and Sanders as a Silver Medalist, an ultimate underachiever. No matter what Sanders does, no matter how good he is says Graham, it just isn’t good enough. It’s a “yes…but” argument that actually worked its way into the national dialogue during Wild Bill’s tenure as lead wrangler. It worked to kill Single Payer activism in 2008 and 2009. (Remember that, Bernie?) And it will most likely work to secure the White House for Clinton 2.0 after she calls in her markers at the Wells Fargo Center this summer.

  2. I didn’t watch it either, but heard that there were several times Clinton was clearly being booed by the audience and other times when they broke into chanting “Bernie! Bernie!” Still,… unless Sanders pulls off a miracle momentum upset in NY on Tuesday she’s got it in the bag. #sadness

    • Sanders needs California and Pennsylvania along with New York to have any sort of chance at an appeal to super delegates already through the checkout counter and in the bag.

      Bernie’s biggest problem in New York is the closed primary. Only registered Democrats and Republicans can vote. Independents and Third Party voters, about 25% of eligible voters, (and a significant part of the Sanders Revolution), are not allowed to participate.

      Things could be worse. Especially if the Democratic Party doesn’t take Congressional seats back from the GOP.
      Whatever the Republican Party decides in Cleveland…whatever…is a lot scarier than four more years of corporatist status quo.

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