The mental disease of late-stage capitalism

capitalismOh, my God. Read this. Joe Brewer says;

Build an economic system based on wealth hoarding and presumed scarcity and you’ll get what was intended. The system is performing exactly as it was designed to. That is why wages have stagnated in the West for 30 years. It is why 62 people are able to have the same amount of wealth as 3.7 billion. It is why politicians are bought by the highest bidders and legislation systematically serves the already-rich at the expense of society.


One response to “The mental disease of late-stage capitalism

  1. Capitalism…what a concept!
    “… our parents lacked the foresight to warn us about it.”

    Not true. Those parents who were not duped by Cold War stereotypes propagated by unprincipled, and sometimes sociopathic, political opportunists and their yellow press, were, for the most part, righteously convinced that a moral capitalism was possible and achievable through principled, well intentioned reformism. They were the New Deal Coalition, a partnership fostered by necessity among capitalist socioeconomic ideologies to forestall the spread of Socialism. That coalition was pronounced not just merely dead, but really most sincerely dead during the Reagan Era, the advent of neoliberal monopoly finance capitalism: predatory capitalism. Socialism…Leftism…was defeated. The lower classes were vulnerable again.

    “… we should have seen this coming.”

    True. Like the economic crash of 2008, and most recessions during the last 30 years or so, evidence of capitalism’s inherent vulnerabilities was clearly discernable, and in some instances, shouted from the virtual rooftops. We chose to ignore it because those systems we trusted to keep us accurately informed, and safe, failed us. We were duped…again.

    “The mental disease of late-stage capitalism is shame…”

    Shame and guilt associated with failure, individual or collective, is not a mental disease. To characterize it as such is, in my opinion, a form of victim blaming which would seem to be a self-defeating notion, if I correctly understand the author’s intent. Shame and guilt, the “emotional racket” alluded to by the author is, in fact, a primary factor necessary to the very type of consciousness raising, and conscience raising, the author appears to be encouraging. The transformation of shame and guilt into the vocal activism the author describes is already taking place. The problem right now being: what form is it taking?

    “…we need spiritual healing.”
    Bullshit. Pure and simple. Exploitative.

    “We can do better.”
    “We must do better.”
    Obviously. (But at what? Exactly?)
    “… capitalism as we know it is going the way of history.”
    Maybe. Maybe not. Economies evolve according to environmental conditions.

    “…we are the capitalist system right now.”

    Yes and no. Most of “We” just work here. Most of “We” are no longer substantively involved in management level decision making. And, right now, most of “We” still have faith that a moral capitalism, a social democratic capitalism more responsive to communities than corporations, a system that still respects the rights and the aspirations of the individual, a system capable of substantive reform, is still possible. That notion is more likely to govern our immediate future than any revolutionary socialism or an absolute corporate feudalism…if…most of WE can reclaim our collective agency from an unregulated and essentially ungoverned tyranny of minority. Without that agency, we are doomed to remain the puppets of tyrants, irregardless of ideology.

    That’s not going to hurt like shedding skin. (Which, when you think about it, has to be more comforting than not shedding it.) Then? The fun starts.

    Keep your powder dry.

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