Two dads who can’t stop being dads

aI wrote this for Mother Courant. Charles Frey and Kevin Lembo (Lembo is Connecticut’s state comptroller) have been foster parents, and then adoptive parents, and now they’re foster parents again.


7 responses to “Two dads who can’t stop being dads

  1. Nice article. And just the one conservative commenter. I expected more. Maybe they were all at the Drumpf rally. Or sharpening their reading skills. There’s an agenda.

    • Ha, ha. I never weigh in on those comments, but I am inspired by the notion that for some people, they can be a conversation and for others? Well, I don’t need to respond to their nonsense.

      • So you’re not the Susan L. Campbell who responded to the “agenda” question in the comments?

        Fooled me.

        • Oh, no. I am. I had to add the L. (for “Luscious”) because the damn website wouldn’t just take Susan Campbell. I was ready to argue but it didn’t work out that way.

          • Oh. Good.
            Well…there really wasn’t much there to argue with. Neither of the claims could be supported by anything in the article. The part about foster parent qualifications apparently went unnoticed, which takes all but one stubby decaying tooth out of his assertion concerning “agenda.” Obviously a newbie to the Susan Campbell hate club at the Courant…whose motto is “Stop Making Sense.”

  2. I enjoyed the column. It’s good to hear uplifting stories among the other stuff in the news.

    Oneconservative never did state your supposed agenda. He only said it was clear. Really? With a name like, “oneconservative”, I’d say he has an agenda!

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