Location, location, location

map-usYour zip code can predict your health. Your zip code can predict your students’ outcomes.

You can read more here on that last part.


7 responses to “Location, location, location

  1. The Upshot: The Rich Live Longer Everywhere. For the Poor, Geography Matters.

    Social spending seems to have something to do with that, too.

    • The poor just can’t cut a break.

      • Mortality wise it depends on where they live.
        Connecticut, a rich State, does pretty good. Montana, a poor State, also does pretty good. But in the central part of the nation and some areas out West, things start to suck exponentially.
        I think access to healthcare, especially for children, and amenable mortality play a big role in that. But I also think environmental quality is a significant factor.

        We need better research from people more interested in answers than ideologies.

        • Are we talking about “pure science?”

          • If that means data collection and analysis not filtered through ideology, then yes.
            If that means not characterizing or implying correlations as causation without qualification, then yes.
            If that means bracketing everything The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has to say about healthcare with disclaimers about their ties to the for-profit healthcare cartel that rations care based on economic status, then yes.

  2. Why do we fund schools with local funding, at all? Doesn’t that magnify the wealth or poverty of the area? And, what does that mean for predominantly rural areas? Why not fund schools with only federal and state funds, to ensure equity and account for variations in cost of living for teacher wages and population needs (economically disadvantaged areas need more resources to catch up to privileged population areas)?

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