Think about the God loophole

Child being spanked

Religious exemption can come at a high cost for children. Leftover sends this, a blog that collects sad stories about child abuse at faith-based day care centers — which are protected — like this woman, or this overview of corporal punishment in those centers.


4 responses to “Think about the God loophole

  1. Awful! I am begining to think there should be no religious exemptions, for any reason. Maybe we don’t need to go that far, but how far? If there is a line, where do we draw it and who gets to do the drawing? But, certainly, when harm comes to another, they are beyond the line.

    • I’d like to do the drawing, personally, but the power would probably go to my head. It’s interesting to think about this, and I think a long public debate is in order.

    • No religious exemptions to secular law. Period.

  2. beginning (darn it!)

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