The Chronicles are boring

1chronicles2So I’m reading the entire Bible, straight through this year as one of my New Year’s resolutions — the only one I’ve actually kept so far.

And as Jac, who is also reading through, can tell you, I and II Chronicles are not-interesting. I’d forgotten that this is (as far as I can tell, as deep into as I’ve read) simply a retelling of what’s already happened, with not many new details added. So-and-so was a rotten king. So-and-so was a good one, and smote the Ammonites, the Hittites, or whomever. The reader is essentially getting a refresher course about the events s/he just covered in the previous books.

I’m sticking with it, of course. But yeesh.


6 responses to “The Chronicles are boring

  1. What you said! I can’t wait until we get to the good stuff.

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