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  1. If the TMZ rumors are true, that floating may be more actual than metaphorical. Autopsy today.

    I liked his Top 40 material. And he knew his way around a guitar…that’s for sure. The last thing I saw him do was the Baltimore tribute. That was great.

    1. Wasn’t it? I really hope the autopsy doesn’t show anything nasty, but his music remains.

      1. I would be surprised, really, if it did show anything connected to recent drug abuse. (There was talk that when Vanity dies from renal failure it could have been the result of years of serious cocaine abuse.) I thought he put all that behind him a long time ago. (He was going door-to-door as a Jehovah’s Witness for a while.)

        But you’re right. It doesn’t really matter. His influence on pop music is indelible.

  2. Depending on his adherence to his faith, it could have been lack of a flu shot and complications thereafter. It’s a more serious illness than people realize. It’s weird to hope for one cause over another after the fact but we do.

    Sat on the porch last night with the “Purple Rain” soundtrack cranked on the stereo. A few people out walking stopped on the sidewalk to listen for a bit and gave little waves when they moved on. That helped.

    And Leftover, speaking of his guitar, this isn’t his song but his solo and his attitude says it all.

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