Smile, sweetheart…

Cgk-vNWW0AAJOwHSo someone evidently tweeted the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper and asked if any one had a happier picture of Harriet Tubman.

I am not making this up. So behind every great woman is an asshole telling her to “Smile, sweetheart.”



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  1. It might not be sexism. In Ireland, people complained about James Joyce looking grumpy on one of their pound notes (can’t remember which denomination) and they altered the picture to make him smiling. Problem was that it didn’t look like Joyce after that.

    1. That’s interesting. I hadn’t thought of that, and poor James Joyce. If they mess with Harriet’s photo, I believe I’ll go slap someone.

  2. After reading the new note won’t be put in circulation until 2030, I’ve adopted a “believe it when I see it” attitude. That’s more than three presidential terms down the road.

    And considering that I’m not all that confident I’ll survive another 14 years…all I’ll probably see is more ignorant nonsense like that tweet and what Drumpf had to say about the change.

  3. Maybe Cliven Bundy has a photo in his better off as slaves, happy Negroes collection.


  4. In those days many people didn’t smile for pictures because of missing or bad teeth.

    1. I figured it was because they had to stand there for a long time, waiting for the camera set-up and picture taking. My family members all looked a little impatient and pissed off in the 75+ year old photos.

      But, yeah, slap ’em!

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