No yetis in public bathrooms

maxresdefaultIf with all these bathroom bills we are seeking to protect ourselves from fake-threats, I believe this piece goes a long way toward voicing what I truly feel in my heart: That I want some protection from yetis, as well.

I feel very strongly about this, and I think you should, too.


10 responses to “No yetis in public bathrooms

  1. Yetis are actually very shy, and the chances of one wanting to use a public restroom are very small. Dragons are the same. I had a baby dragon in my basement for a few years. He was very sweet and constantly apologizing for the smoke. He didn’t even want to use my bathroom, which is certainly not public.

    • While it’s great fun to come up with fake legislation to battle fake issues, I appreciate your expertise on this. A dragon? Cool!

  2. Are these people worried transgender females will sexually assault females in the women’s room or are they concerned a heterosexual predator males will pretend to be transgender females in order to enter a women’s room to sexually assault females? If it is indeed the latter, how do they propose to protect women and children outside of the women’s room – a MUCH bigger problem?

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