No yetis in public bathrooms

maxresdefaultIf with all these bathroom bills we are seeking to protect ourselves from fake-threats, I believe this piece goes a long way toward voicing what I truly feel in my heart: That I want some protection from yetis, as well.

I feel very strongly about this, and I think you should, too.

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  1. Yetis are actually very shy, and the chances of one wanting to use a public restroom are very small. Dragons are the same. I had a baby dragon in my basement for a few years. He was very sweet and constantly apologizing for the smoke. He didn’t even want to use my bathroom, which is certainly not public.

    1. While it’s great fun to come up with fake legislation to battle fake issues, I appreciate your expertise on this. A dragon? Cool!

  2. Are these people worried transgender females will sexually assault females in the women’s room or are they concerned a heterosexual predator males will pretend to be transgender females in order to enter a women’s room to sexually assault females? If it is indeed the latter, how do they propose to protect women and children outside of the women’s room – a MUCH bigger problem?

      1. Given a person spends less than 1% of the day in a public restroom, and more than 99% outside of the restroom, the “concern” is a bit misplaced, don’the you think? Why won’the they address the real concerns when it comes to sexual assault and sexual abuse, because theyou should. And they should stop quieting victims at “Christian” schools. Did you see this (the hypocrites!)?

          1. I love you back.

            Dear Lord, look at what I wrote! I have a new phone that wants to finish my words and doesn’t like contractions! It’s so annoying! I need to figure out how to stop it from doing that, or proofread!

            I hope you got the gist.

            1. I went to my tech support (my son) and he was able to fix it! Thanks. Yay! I don’t have to live with it! He actually was able to reject words, like “won’the” and so it should no longer pop up. I suppose I will have to catch other occurrences of auto-INcorrect and reject them. Phew!

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