Bless these 41,000 doctors

Hands pulling at both ends of a rope to secure a half-hitch knot (Dorling Kindersley photo)

Leftover sends this: California’s largest medical association is joining a lawsuit against Dignity Health, a Catholic hospital system, for denial of service. The California Medical Association is joining the ACLU in the suit.

Dignity Health, according to the suit, is

using religious directives to deny patients basic reproductive health care.

You can read more here.


7 responses to “Bless these 41,000 doctors

  1. I wonder if Dignity Health allows vasectomies.

    • Excellent question…this makes me think the answer is yes:

      • Woodland Healthcare is not a Catholic Hospital.
        Explained here.

        Dignity’s non-Catholic hospitals, including Methodist Hospital of Sacramento, Sierra Nevada Memorial in Grass Valley and Woodland Healthcare in Woodland, abide by more general guidelines…[s]terilizations, however, are permitted when “their direct effect is the cure or alleviation of a present and serious pathology and a simpler treatment is not available.”

        They can profit from it, as long as somebody else does the dirty work. Clean hands, clear conscience. Worked in WWII.

        • Ah. Thanks for the clarification.

        • However, Mercy Medical Center’s (the Catholic medical center in question) urologists (Redding Urologic Associates) list vasectomies on their list of services:

          They are hypocrites and based on the website, it looks like they are treating women differently than they treat men on this. So, what else is new?

          • Well of course they’re treating women differently. Being a hypocrite comes with the program. Doesn’t it?

    • As a matter of policy, USCCB Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Healthcare Services [pdf pg.27 #53] forbid any form of sterilization…including vasectomies… unless “their direct effect is the cure or alleviation of a present and serious pathology and a simpler treatment is not available.”

      Sometimes, when Catholic healthcare services merge with or purchase a secular healthcare service provider, some wiggle room is allowed until staff not amenable to USCCB ERDs either move on or learn to live with the directives.

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