Oh, HAIL, yes. “Your silence is deafening”

targetAn open letter to Target boycotters, from Gretchen Kelly.

It’s long and it’s so very worth the time.


One response to “Oh, HAIL, yes. “Your silence is deafening”

  1. They pull the same old crap on a variety of issues, and certain people blindly, and often fearfully, buy into it! It usually involves abuse of Christianity, false threats, & Bible verse cherry-picking to fit their narrow-minded view. They zero in on negatively affecting the rights of others who don’t abide by their beliefs. They rarely reflect on their own hypocrisy. They don’t care about lives, really. If they did, they would be outraged by the real threats to life and wellbeing of all. They care about control of lives and promotion of their so called sincerely held beliefs (at the expense of others’ sincerely held beleifs). They do these things in the name of their personal view of their religion and get away with it. They worship hypocrisy and need to be challenged on that more loudly. It’s maddening.

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