Check out this religion data

Empty-PewsPew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life has a treasure trove of information right here.

For example, check out the dwindling numbers (and, one would assume, influence of) Christians in the U.S.

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  1. I wish Pew would make a habit of showing atheist/agnostic growth within the nones when they do these projections.

    I think there’s an important difference to highlight in there. Especially in the United States, which seems to be absent from the “Belief in God” questions this time around. (Unless I’m not clicking the right buttons.)

  2. You mention the “influence of Christians in the US.” Personally I would have no problem with lots of such influence, except that there are damn few Christians in this country. There are TONS of folks who CLAIM to be Christian, but actual Christians are about as rare as hen’s teeth.

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