Ladies? Owning a gun, in fact, does not make you safer

hello-kitty-pink-gunWhen a woman owns a gun, that gun is far more likely to be used against her. So you’d be well-advised to ignore stuff like this.


3 responses to “Ladies? Owning a gun, in fact, does not make you safer

  1. I read…

    “I’ve got two kids,” said Colleen Krehbiel. “And I just wanted to have something that would keep me safer.”

    …and I get chills.
    From WaPo:

    •On April 20, a 2-year-old boy in Indiana found the gun his mother left in her purse on the kitchen counter and fatally shot himself.
    •The next day in Kansas City, Mo., a 1-year-old girl evidently shot and killed herself with her father’s gun while he was sleeping.
    •On April 22, a 3-year-old in Natchitoches, La., fatally shot himself after getting hold of a gun.
    •On April 26, a 3-year-old boy in Dallas, Ga., fatally shot himself in the chest with a gun he found at home.
    •On April 27, the Milwaukee toddler fatally shot his mother in the car.
    •That same day, a 3-year-old boy in Grout Township, Mich., shot himself in the arm with a gun he found at home. He is expected to survive.
    •On April 29, a 3-year-old girl shot herself in the arm after grabbing a gun in a parked car in Augusta, Ga. She is also expected to survive.
    …There have been at least 23 toddler-involved shootings since Jan. 1, [2016] compared with 18 over the same period last year.

    I hope Krehbiel and Bowman know where that safety is. And use it. A grip safety…a lever or other device situated on the grip of a firearm which must be actuated by the operator’s hand, as a natural consequence of holding the firearm in a firing position, in order for the firearm to fire…is a really good idea if there’s kids around. Should be included on every semi-auto handgun.

    • The figures for these kinds of shootings are staggering. What’s save about that?

      • Boy…I really messed up the formatting there…that part about the safeties is mine.

        There’s nothing safe about firearms. Thats why treating them like a pet or a toy or a fashion statement is idiotic to the point of negligence.

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